Mowrah Butter

Mowrah Butter

Mowrah Butter- (lip butter, lip balm)

Mowrah Butter is obtained from the seed kernels of the tropical tree, Madhuca Longifolia, found in the northern plains of India. The tree is considered holy by tribal communities because of its many uses. Madhuca is fast-growing and abundant, producing up to 200kg of seed annually per tree. Both the seed and fruit are used to produce the butter we use. Prized for its moisturizing skin benefits and high fatty acid composition in Stearic, Oleic, and Linoleic acid. There is a natural astringent within mowrah butter that helps to tighten and rejuvenate old skin. One of the most impressive aspects of this butter is that it can and does replenish old, dead skin cells with new ones at a faster rate.Because this butter is so deeply nutrient rich, it provides the skin with proper hydration. No rating on EWG as it is a rather unknown and not widely used ingredient. Not rated on EWG.

  • Moisturizing

  • Non-Greasy

  • Deeply Nutrient Rick

  • Safe Non-Toxic

  • Ultraviolet Protection

  • Reduces Signs of Aging