Tribehenin- (lip butter, lip scrub)

Tribehenin is a 100% Vegetable derived triester of glycerin and behenic acid. This natural ingredient is a naturally occuring long-chain fatty acid from coconut oil. It functions as a formula stabilizer in addition to adding richness, body, viscosity and emolliency to our formulas. Tribehenin is found in both animal and vegetable fats, but our supply is strictly plant-based. It does not contain any CMR substances (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, or Toxic for Reproduction). No Pesticides, No Parabens, No Preservatives, No BHA/BHT, ZERO California Proposition 65 Chemicals, No Nano-Materials, No Phthalates, No Sulfates, No Glycol Ethers, No Residual Solvents, and it's made in the USA.EWG Score- 1 

  • Emollient

  • Skin-Penetrating

  • Safe Non-Toxic

  • Smooth Skin Feel

  • Humectant

  • Skin Smoothing