Triisostearin/Glyceryl Behenate

Triisostearin/Glyceryl Behenate

Triisostearin/Glyceryl Behenate- (lip balm, lip butter)

100% Vegetable Derived. Global ester. Lubricious soft paste which melts at skin temperature. Has similar sensory properties to Isostearyl Behenate.  

Triisostearin is a versatile ingredient made by combining skin-replenishing glycerin with moisturizing fatty acid isostearic acid. The blend is known as triester since it contains three distinct ester groups. A triglyceride, such as caprylic/capric triglyceride, is another example of a triester ingredient. Its use in skin care and makeup is primarily to create a cushiony, smooth texture in formulas that are oil-, emollient-, or silicone-based. The typical usage level is between 2–10%, although greater or lesser amounts may be used depending on desired characteristics. When combined with ingredients such as dimer dilinoleyl dimer dilinoleate and hydroxystearic acid, triisostearin can be thought of as a synthetic alternative to petrolatum, since such a blend shares this moisturizing ingredient’s occlusive properties on skin, making it an interesting choice for lip care products. Triisostearin is considered safe as used in cosmetics. EWG Score- 1

  • Emollient

  • Enhances Texture

  • Adds Cushiony Feel

  • Increases Spreadability

  • Silky Application

  • Occlusive

  • Moisturizing